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Cancer Therapeutics CRC Deploys Surety’s AbsoluteProof

March 2, 2011

Surety announced today that Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty Ltd (CTx), an Australian pharmaceutical discovery and development company, has selected to use AbsoluteProof for its scientific IP protection.

Focused solely on developing newly discovered drug compounds from cancer research considered ‘high risk’ by bio-technology and pharmaceutical companies, CTx is required to meet strict electronic record protection standards and secure its data from unauthorized changes or tampering. AbsoluteProof’s independent, digital timestamping functionality meets these needs and continuously helps prevent intellectual property theft and manipulation, such as backdating “first-to-invent” status, around the clock. In addition, AbsoluteProof provides scientists from institutions around the world with a centralized, easily accessible system that allows them to focus on their research, rather than time-consuming administrative tasks, including the signing and witnessing processes that are common in the bio-pharma industry.

“We realize the value of our IP through licensing deals, so we need to demonstrate to any potential partner or licensee that all critical electronic records and files will withstand the most vigorous legal scrutiny,” said Dr. Tony Evans, CEO of Cancer Therapeutics CRC. “All archived content must be able to be confirmed independently, and there must be no possibility of collusion, forgery or backdating. We rely on the AbsoluteProof Service to provide us with that defence, and it has allowed us to focus on what really matters – developing drug solutions and saving lives.”

Read the press release here.


– Bob Flinton
VP of Marketing and Product Management
Surety, LLC

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