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Data Leaks Leave Plenty for Companies to Worry About

January 6, 2009

Data leaks highlight leaking faucetneed for content security, January 3, 2009

Data leaks never bring anything positive to the table, however its consequences are more than just about IP loss. A lack of content security can be costly for businesses, in a variety of aspects that many of us probably haven’t considered. Of course we all worry about our sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, but data leaks can also be detrimental to a company’s revenue and reputation. They can inflict “direct costs such as regulatory fines and loss of assets, but also indirect costs, caused by reputational damage leading to lost orders and even share price devaluation.”

So how do you keep your documents safe and wallet full? Start internally. Check to make sure your policies are up-to-date and that your employees understand, acknowledge and are willing to comply with them unconditionally. Once that’s done, then it’s your responsibility as a business leader to enforce those policies!

“Policy needs to relate to how people use content. Most organizations already keep tabs on employees but they may need to extend that to external users. Organizations also need to be sure about which data they have stored and what it is used for – and too few organizations have clear policies about how people and content are linked.”

Before your find yourself shelling out money for legal fees while simultaneously watching your reputation deteriorate, take a step back and revisit your security measures. Electronic communication is on a continuous growth spurt and will only leave you in the dark if you don’t enforce standards now to manage it.

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