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Internal Communication Is the Key to Preventing IP Attacks

December 23, 2008

Prepare Your Enterprise For Social Engineering Attacks
Processor, December 19, 2008

Like many things in life, education is often the key to success. When it comes to safeguarding your intellectual property (IP), the fact remains the same. The best way to help your employees protect their (and your company’s) IP is to teach them the various ways hackers, thieves and other malicious individuals initiate their attacks.

This article highlights a few ways in which these types of crimes are often committed, so be sure to take a step back and analyze how vulnerable your office may or may not be. Hopefully you’ve illustrated these types of harmful scenarios with your workers in the past, but if you haven’t, take the time to do so now so that you can improve your IP security immediately.

Once your employees are aware of these vulnerabilities and understand how they can minimize them, it’s also a good idea to revamp your security measures. Develop e-mail policies, educate employees on IT impersonators and enforce strict information sharing rules.

Your company’s IP is often its lifeblood. Be proactive and do everything you can now to protect what’s yours. As easy as it is to hack into someone’s database, it’s just as easy to prevent it. Step back and look at your corporate procedures and training initiatives. It might be time to brush off the rulebook.

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