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Compliance is the Motivating Factor for Email Archiving.

November 17, 2008

Survey Says: Compliance Drives E-Mail Archiving

InformationWeek, November 13, 2008

According to 200 IT Professionals who participated in a new Barracuda survey, 29 percent archive email messages for the simple sake of compliance. This isn’t surprising considering a previous InformationWeek survey that found those who were using, deploying, or planning to deploy an archive, did so in order to “To improve [their] ability to find e-mail for litigation or compliance/audit issues”.

While compliance continues to be a top IT driver, the relatively even distribution of survey responses indicates that there are a number of reasons organizations are pursuing email archiving. Barracuda found that 21 percent of respondents archive email in order to provide users with access to such documents, and 15 percent reasoned that retention is a best practice and that archiving allows users to dig up old data for quota reasons.

Whatever the reason for archiving, we are pleased to see an increased focus on the retention of electronic records. Archives can save organizations significant costs and hassle in the future and help ease any complications that may arise in court. Sound archiving capabilities represent an important first step in the push to retain secure and authentic electronic records.

Does your organization archive email? If so, what are the biggest reasons for this initiative? Compliance? Litigation-readiness? Other?

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