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Schools need to retain their e-mail

October 28, 2008

Schools need to retain their e-mail

Network World, October 23, 2008

E-mail retention and security within corporate and government agency settings is a regular topic on the Power of Proof blog, but this article reinforces the importance of e-mail security across organizations – including schools. According to a recent Waterford Technologies survey, many institutions aren’t practicing proper e-mail archiving procedures.

Waterford’s research found that 62 percent of K-12 school administrators do not have a district policy governing the retention of e-mail communications between administrators and teachers and 68 percent don’t have a policy for communication with parents either.

To make matters worse, a 2007 CommVault survey found that nearly four out of five IT K-12 administrators weren’t familiar with their district’s retention policies and that 90 percent of schools had not yet created a plan to adhere to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) amendments.

Perhaps pushing school districts to adopt policies that support the retention and preservation of electronic documents – including e-mail, nearly one half of U.S. states have – or are considering – implementing their own regulations related to electronically stored information (ESI). At the end of the day, schools will be held accountable for their ESI just like every other type of organization.

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