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Records And Information Management: Essential To Organizational Compliance And Litigation Risks

October 14, 2008

Records And Information Management: Essential To Organizational Compliance And Litigation Risks

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, October 2008

In an effort to better understand the legal issues surrounding records and information management and the tools designed to support them, the author of this article interviewed Maura Dunn, Terry Coan and Gordon Workman, directors in the Legal Management Consulting Practice of Duff & Phelps, LLC, a provider of records and information management products and services.

When asked about the challenges organizations face when looking to implement an enterprise-wide records and information management program, the experts seemed to agree that communication is the key to creating, implementing and maintaining a successful record retention process.

“In any effort like this, coordination is the key. If communication works among the legal department, IT and the records management team, the organization is well on its way to addressing all of these challenges effectively,” Workman said. “One crucial point to remember is that memos alone do not ensure clear communication – these groups often speak different languages or use the same words to mean different things. Face-to-face interactions – both one-on-one and in collaborative groups – are essential.”

The interview goes on to discuss topics such as the consequences of not having a records policy in place – including the inability to properly respond to legal requests – the future of records management tools and the ways in which the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure have changed litigation. Take a few minutes and read what these experts have to say – with a combined 55 years of experience, they’re bound to offer a new way of thinking.

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