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Intellectual Property — Do You Need to Insure What May Be Your Most Valuable Asset?”

September 16, 2008

Intellectual Property — Do You Need to Insure What May Be Your Most Valuable Asset?

IndustryWeek, September 10, 2008

We’re all familiar with insurance, whether it’s for our automobiles, homes or vacation packages. But what about intellectual property insurance? In other words, are your thoughts and ideas protected from others who may want to steal them, and at the same time, are you protected from those who accuse you of doing the same? IP insurance has emerged as a form of protection for people who want to make sure they – along with their ideas – are protected down the road.

How do you know if IP protection is right for you?

“Start by assessing how important your company’s IP is, and how vulnerable it is to being infringed by someone else or having someone claim that you’re the infringer…Ultimately, you may decide you don’t need IP insurance. But the time to investigate is now. Once you have been sued or your IP has been infringed, it will be too late.”

Do we think that IP insurance is the complete answer for protecting intellectual property? While we’re all for increased awareness on the risks associated with digital content and IP infringement, we’re concerned that this isn’t likely the most cost effective way for organizations to secure their most valuable assets. Take a look at our Data Assurance whitepaper for our take on your best legal defense, or better yet, check out AbsoluteProof, which can provide guaranteed IP protection at a significantly lower cost.

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