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Better Late than Never!

September 15, 2008

It has been a busy few months at Surety, which is the only excuse we’re giving ourselves for not finding the spot-on Digital Trust series from The Leading Edge Forum (LEF) (part of CSC’s Office of Innovation) any sooner.

    The Digital Trust report series is but one of the ongoing LEF reports that examines technology directions. In these reports, the LEF looks at the role of innovation in the marketplace both now and in the years to come. By studying technology’s current realities and anticipating its future shape, these reports provide organizations with the necessary balance between tactical decision-making and strategic planning… Each volume in the Digital Trust series examines a specific area of impact for digital trust.

Each volume in LEF’s series examines a specific area of impact for digital trust. All eight volumes of the series are available online at, but we wanted to point you to a few of the documents that caught our attention:

In “Digital Trust: Shaking Hands with the Digital Enterprise, Volume 1,” LEF outlines a technology strategy for increasing business value while attending to the critical digital information risks that endanger modern enterprises.

    • Download a PDF of that document here
    • Download the PowerPoint that accompanies this report here

And while Volume 1 is excellent, if you only have time to read one of LEF’s reports, we strongly recommend you check out “Digital Trust: Intellectual Property Protection: Minding Your Mind Power, Volume 3”:

    There is an old adage that the more love you give away, the more you get in return. With intellectual property (IP) exactly the opposite happens: when information, ideas, performances and other expressed products of the mind are given away (or taken), their value is soon lost or compromised. Protecting IP – minding your mind power – is an important business issue.

LEF’s findings originally caught our attention, because they define what we’re all about:

    • More assets are now intangible — and in digital form — than ever before. And the percentage is expected to grow. Organizations must change their tactics to protect these assets.
    • Digital trust not only protects intellectual property, but also enables you to create new value from existing assets, generating completely new revenue streams.

If you were around our office when we first found and read Volume 3 (the PDF is available online here), you would have heard us saying things like, “Wow – these guys really get it.” Understanding the issues associated with digital assets and Intellectual Property is no easy feat, and the LEF team put together one of the most comprehensive third-party overviews we’ve seen.

Even better, the report showcases the technologies and solutions organizations are using to protect their electronic records and Intellectual Property, and LEF highlighted our own AbsoluteProof. We’ll let you read about it in LEF’s report, but we’re very proud to have been highlighted by CSC and LEF (along with some of our customer success stories) as a solution that provides digital trust value.

Read the reports and let us know what you think!

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