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Over Half of SMBs Say They Have Not Implemented Email Archiving

August 26, 2008

Over Half of SMBs Say They Have Not Implemented Email Archiving

MarketWatch, August 19, 2008

Email archiving…how important is it to you? If you’re like most IT executives at small and medium sized U.S. businesses, the answer is very little. According research conducted by MediaUSA on behalf of GFI Software, 53 percent of survey participants have not implemented an email archiving system within their organization. In addition, of those companies using email archiving solutions, 35 percent of them rely on end-users to maintain their own email archives, 35 percent use an in-house solution to archive emails and 33 percent use tape backups. These statistics are worrisome considering the fact that these companies are putting their utter-most valuable information at a security risk, which according to David Vella, director of product management at GFI Software, is something that most of them don’t realize.

“The first and most important key on email archiving is to understand that you need one. However, since IT administrators in SMEs are often overworked and required to do tasks that an administrator in a large business would never dream of doing, it comes as no surprise that many that do rely on end-users to manage it themselves. This can cause even bigger problems, as human error is probably the most critical security vulnerability facing storage environments in small and medium sized enterprises.”

We don’t know about you, but it seems obvious that archiving solutions are critical security measure that any well-established business should invest in. We wouldn’t risk losing our information…would you?

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