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2d Fumo Computer Technician Pleads Guilty

August 26, 2008

2d Fumo computer technician pleads guilty

Philadelphia Inquirer, August 20, 2008

A former computer technician for State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo pled guilty after illegally deleting emails related to a current legal proceeding. Mark C. Eister admitted that he deleted correspondence in an attempt to throw a wrench into the FBI and IRS’ investigation of Fumo. Sadly for Eister, his attempts landed him with charges including one count of conspiracy and four counts of obstructing justice.

“In a memorandum filed in U.S. District Court, the prosecutors said the purpose of the conspiracy was to ensure that any evidence that was potentially harmful to Fumo and his associates was deleted and unavailable to federal investigators.”

This case is just one of many that prove the longevity of trails that electronic documents leave, regardless how hard computer wiz’s try to cover them up. If anyone should have known about the complexities of ESI, it should have been this guy. I’m sure he’ll be thinking about this in his jail cell for years to come.

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