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Security and privacy departments need to converge

August 19, 2008

Security and privacy departments need to converge

eChannelLine, August 11, 2008

Privacy and security are both powerful aspects of a business, but imagine their strength if they were to merge their efforts together as one. After all, many of us send sensitive personal information across the wire while on the clock, from credit card numbers to personal photographs uploaded to social networking sites. However, in doing so, employees can simultaneously (and unintentionally) put that computer’s corporate information at risk for malicious hackers to access. That’s where commonalities of security and privacy intertwine.

“They are two sides of the same coin,” said Bruce Cowper, Microsoft Canada’s chief security advisor. “We are talking about information on a computer network [and] often [privacy and security professionals] are protecting the same information but coming from different perspective.”

Cowper adds that the best way for privacy and security professionals to succeed is to outline common goals and establish an action plan for reaching them. One such way to help with this is to invest in software solutions that can help with the issue of convergence, that of which will not only store information but also pay detailed attention to the context around it.

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