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Clearwell Publishes “Top 10 Trends in E-Discovery”

August 19, 2008

Clearwell Publishes “Top 10 Trends in E-Discovery”

Market Watch, August 11, 2008

According to a recent paper put together by Clearwell Systems, Inc., many corporations and law firms are tackling the complexity of e-discovery simply by teaming up with their respective legal parties. The top ten trends are listed in this article, however we’d like to highlight number eight in particular.

“Custodial Data Increases by Orders of Magnitude – Increasing volumes of data have reached a critical “tipping point,” placing greater importance on data searching and aggressive use of ECA to quickly cull down data sets, in addition to automated document review methodologies.”

To pile on this point, the increasing volumes of data also reinforce the need for security controls on the data itself. In other words, it’s critical that measures be put in place to monitor, store and authenticate electronic information in the chance that it is called upon in court. Merely having the means to search for data isn’t going to save you from expensive trials and rigorous litigation demands.

For additional details on Clearwell’s findings, check out their website at

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