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Security Schools: Data Protection Security School

July 30, 2008

Security Schools: Data Protection Security School

If you’re looking for innovative ways to brush up on your e-discovery skills, take a look at this link. You’ll find both a webcast and podcast hosted by Frank Lagorio, Principal Analyst, Contoural Inc., a “tips” column and a quiz to test your e-discovery knowledge. Summaries of each are detailed below, so be sure to take a look while they’re still available.

    • Good security practice: Turning e-discovery into litigation readiness: In this webcast, attendees will learn best practices for e-discovery under FRCP and other requirements, as well as how compliance, data privacy and end-user needs fit into e-discovery.

    • Countdown: Top 5 pitfalls when it comes to e-discovery : This podcast will outline the top five most-common e-discovery mistakes and how you can learn from them — before you make them!

    • Easing e-discovery preparation by mapping enterprise data: With a well-planned data retention policy, an organization can often avoid tracking down old data when served with an e-discovery request. In this tip, Stephen Foskett highlights the linchpin of a data retention policy.

    • E-discovery and security in the enterprise: Take this five-question quiz to evaluate your knowledge of the e-discovery material presented in this Data Protection Security School lesson.

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