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What Is The Visible Future of Records and Information Management?”

July 22, 2008

What Is The Visible Future of Records and Information Management?
RIM Thought, July 19, 2008

If you step back and think about what records and information management was like ten, five, even two years ago, you’ll probably recognize some big differences compared to its current state. So what might the future hold for records and information management? The author of this post poses a handful of questions that he hopes will generate new insight on what’s in store.Take a look at his inquiries and share your own reactions or questions.

    1. The merger of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) technology suites?

    2. Does our foreseeable future include new advances in those technologies, where the software firms involved incorporate aspects of instant messaging, wiki, “forum”, and social networking capabilities?

    3. Can we foresee some real challenges and problems with the inclusion of new technologies as we seek to ensure that our organizations comply with statutes and regulations – within our home nations and beyond?

    4. Do we foresee the need for significantly enhanced skill sets among records and information management professionals, and what might those be?

    5. Would anyone reading this like to take on the task of the challenge that the Enterprise/Web 2.0 tools may pose to organizations, as they seek to comply with regulatory requirements, with e-discovery needs, and with efforts to manage information more effectively?

    6. Are we faced with a future that includes increased levels of governmental regulation?

    7. Are Records and Information Managers going to be called on to manage or to work with stakeholders including IT, and Legal to manage “non-record” electronic information as well?

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