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E-records management moves up the state CIO agenda

July 22, 2008

E-records management moves up the state CIO agenda

EDD Blog Online, July 16, 2008

Records management is certainly important for corporations, but government entities also face challenges when managing electronic documents. There are some states making headlines in this field and we feel they’re worth calling out. For example, Washington state’s CIO is developing an email archiving system in order to speed up the state’s public and legal e-discovery requests. Oregon’s CIO Council, on the other hand, put one of its Communities of Practices (CoPs) – a statewide group of experts – in charge of electronic records. That group will analyze the state’s electronic recordkeeping and develop enterprise-wide approaches to improve each records management. Minnesota took a similar research-focused approach by studying how stakeholders handle electronic records, thus allowing the state to generate new ideas on how to revamp its procedures.

“Part of the motivation certainly is that many organizations are both collecting and storing records in electronic format. Volume of electronic records is increasing for all organizations and many of the records that organizations may have been storing in printed format now are only available in electronic format,” Robinson said. “We, like many jurisdictions, are now devoting attention to the storage and retrieval of the records, so ensuring we can be responsive to our service responsibilities.”

It’s obvious that electronic records management is becoming a bigger priority for business leaders of all kinds. In this case, states are trying to meet and even surpass responsibilities related electronic records management. Hopefully these efforts will motivate more government entities and private organizations to stay on top of their own electronic records management.

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