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Surety Announces Reseller Partnership with LG CNS

June 17, 2008

Surety announced today that it has secured a reseller agreement with LG CNS, a Korean-based IT services company, to integrate AbsoluteProof into electronic archive systems and legally ensure the data’s integrity.

In 2006, the Korean government refined the regulations and revised laws on certified e-document authority (CeDA) to promote the use of electronic documents. As Korea’s number two operator for CeDA, LG CNS is transforming large-scale archives into electronic documents to help Korea realize cost savings and simplified business processes associated with the paperless office. Surety’s AbsoluteProof will enable LG CNS to ensure that electronic documents have not been altered or tampered in any way at any point during their lifecycles.

As an affiliate company of LG Corporation, LG CNS is Korea’s largest IT service provider and has implemented a number of large-scale public IT infrastructure projects and played a major role in the Korean government’s e-Korea initiative. Through the partnership, LG CNS and Surety will work together to co-market, integrate and implement Surety’s AbsoluteProof data integrity service to end users and CeDA providers in South Korea and to LG CNS’ affiliates worldwide, including LG, GS and LS.

Read the press release here.


Bob Flinton
VP of Marketing and Product Management
Surety, LLC

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