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ESI Trends Report from Kroll ONTRACK

June 17, 2008

ESI Trends Report from Kroll ONTRACK

Complex Discovery, June 10, 2008

Wouldn’t you think that legal professionals would be up to speed on ESI if they were managing it for their clients? One would sure hope so, but according to research conducted by Kroll ONTRACK, many of these attorneys are still simply trying to figure out what ESI exactly is.

The survey revealed in-house counsel’s legal and technology experiences, specifically their ESI management practices. The results boiled down into three themes:

    • Preparedness: Organizations are not properly managing their ESI due to a lack of “understanding, preparedness, and enforcement”.

    • Ownership: Company departments are unsure of their responsibilities when it comes to ESI matters.

    • Challenges: U.S. and U.K. legal teams each have different ESI priorities, thus creating confusion across all borders.

It’s shocking to realize just how little some individuals know about the legal topics they’re suppose to be “experts” on. If legal departments aren’t familiar with ESI, how can they be expected to understand how to handle it and make sure that ESI makes it into evidence?

To learn more about the research findings, be sure to check out the report in its entirety.

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