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Sperm e-mail ‘doctored,’ Denise Richards claims

June 3, 2008

Sperm e-mail ‘doctored,’ Denise Richards claims

MSNBC, May 21, 2008

While we know this article is a little out of date for this week’s recap, we figured none of our readers would mind just this once (especially if you’re interested in the latest celebrity gossip). According to a contributor, actress Denise Richards is denying a claim that she asked her ex-husband, actor Charlie Sheen, to father a child through artificial insemination. However, Sheen claims that an email proves that Richards did in fact make this request. Richards denies the authenticity of the email, claiming she had never written such a document.

In the email written to Sheen’s then-fiancée and current wife, Richards allegedly writes that she and Sheen had an agreement whereby he would artificially inseminate Richards. She claims the email is a fake but Sheen and his wife say it’s the real deal. Though we don’t know who is lying, we can tell you that both parties would be better off using the proper authentication tools for emails. This story brings home the importance of email authentication for personal use. We often discuss business uses for authentication tools but, when facing litigation or challenges in your personal life, it can be just as important to have the right tools in place to protect your reputation and save you from potential harm.

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