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Improve Your Practice With Technology

May 27, 2008

Improve Your Practice With Technology

The Legal Intelligencer, May 22, 2008

This article argues that attorneys regularly counsel clients on changes they can make to minimize legal risk and provide increased value but those same attorneys don’t often practice what they preach. We couldn’t agree more and are happy to see the author articulate what attorneys need for effective technology planning. According to the article, the five components to a successful technology plan for a law firm are:

    • Don’t cut corners.

    • Emphasize systems security.

    • Acknowledge the need to reduce your use of and reliance on paper.

    • Focus on legal-specific solutions.

    • Engage your staff in every aspect of the process.

The author summarizes, “do not become one of the stories your technology staff or consultants tell about how if the attorneys had just listened, they would have avoided a far more expensive and time-consuming crisis. By using technology, and not trying to do it for “free,” your firm’s future and its bottom line will almost certainly improve.”

This point is one that we have been making for a while now and we are happy to see others taking the initiative to help educate legal professionals. Technology need not be scary or burdensome and taking the time to research and deploy proper solutions – from archiving and storage to firewalls and digital time-stamping – will save everyone time, money and their reputation in the long run.

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