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Surety Releases AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange

May 20, 2008

Surety introduced today AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange, a solution that seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, proving the data integrity of email records.

Surety’s recent Email Security and Authentication Survey of more than 800 IT security, email security and compliance professionals revealed significant corporate demand for email authentication solutions. More than 65 percent of respondents expressed doubt that their organization’s emails would be authenticated and admitted as evidence in legal, regulatory or patent disputes, and more than 80 percent of respondents doubted their organization’s ability to authenticate email records and attachments.

AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange is designed to provide third-party validation of the time, date and content integrity of electronic records, enabling organizations to authenticate all email records. AbsoluteProof for Microsoft Exchange automatically affixes a cryptographic timestamp or Surety Integrity Seal™ (Seal) to all sent and received emails stored in the Microsoft Exchange Server Message Archive. Once an email is sealed, the Seal can be used to prove the authenticity of the e-mail at any time in the future. Seals are associated with stored email in such a way that, if email messages are migrated to a separate email archive, or sent to a third party, the Seals automatically accompany them. The result is a litigation-ready solution to the problem of defending the integrity of email evidence.

Read the press release here.


Bob Flinton
VP of Marketing and Product Management
Surety, LLC

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