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E-Discovery lapse could decimate a small business, experts say

May 13, 2008

E-Discovery lapse could decimate a small business, experts say, May 5, 2008

Time and time again we find ourselves talking about large corporations who are sinking in e–discovery turmoil. However, as this article highlights, small businesses are just as vulnerable to the subject, if not more. After all, what one multi-million-dollar company might consider a slap on its wallet could end up costing a small business its entire bank savings.

A panel of experts recently put their heads together and discussed this topic in detail. From strategies to challenges to techniques, industry leaders explored the differences between high profile and low profile e-discovery cases. As one Canadian analyst pointed out, the lack of funds puts small businesses at an obvious disadvantage when it comes to defending their cases.

“The impact could be greater on SMBs because their smaller budgets limit their ability to secure e-discovery solutions,” said Michelle Warren, senior technology analyst for Info-Tech Research Group, in London, Ont.

So there you have it. E-Discovery affects us all- small, medium and large corporations. No matter what category you fall into, you are just as susceptible to the consequences as the rest of us are.

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