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Will Keeping Old E-mail Put You at Risk?”

April 29, 2008

Will Keeping Old E-mail Put You at Risk?

NetworkWorld, April 24, 2008

While we’ve written about various studies, surveys and expert sources that complain about the lack of electronically storied information (ESI), we’ve got some good news to offer. Historically, many individuals believed that deleting old, irrelevant e-mails and instant messages is a much safer course of action compared to storing them. While this is occasionally true, it’s best to store them instead, just in case you’re called into court. As the writer of this article illustrates, it would be unfortunate to walk into court not having a document when all the other parties in the room do.

It seems that organizations are beginning to agree with this analogy. According to a recently published survey, 32 percent of organizations in North America believe that preserving all e-mail content for long periods is the least risky option, while 10 percent believe that deleting all content poses the least risk. In 2007, 15 percent of respondents felt that deleting all e-mail was the least risky option, while a study conducted in 2006 found this figure was 23 percent.

We’re glad to see that the number of those deleting documents is decreasing. It’s encouraging to know that ESI storage solutions are being put in place and that organizations are supporting the idea of saving, rather than trashing.

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