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Don’t Be Surprised by E-Discovery

April 22, 2008

Don’t Be Surprised by E-Discovery

Federal Computer Week, April 14, 2008

E-discovery can be an overwhelming topic for many so we were happy to see this Federal Computer Week article by John Moore, providing five tips for e-discovery compliance. Here are Moore’s five tips for those developing an e-discovery storage strategy:

    1. Build a governance structure – A good e-discovery strategy requires participation from lawyers, records managers, IT managers and the business community. Have all four of these parties sit down and hash out a plan together.

    2. Seek management sponsorship – Get an executive or legal “sponsor” to help make sure e-discovery initiatives are being discussed and followed.

    3. Inventory and organize your data – Establish a taxonomy and create metadata tags for electronic information to help expedite the search and retrieval proves.

    4. Deploy technology and avoid user impact – Implement a unified archiving technology and make sure end users receive individualized attention to ensure a smooth deployment.

    5. Don’t forget post-litigation data – Do not delete all information once it achieves retention maturity. Some records used in litigation will need to be kept permanently and some will have other retention requirements so make sure any records used in litigation are handled appropriately.

While these five tips are a nice starting point for organizations looking to develop an e-discovery strategy, we’d like everyone to keep in mind that an organization’s e-discovery strategy is only as good as its authentication measure. The most comprehensive retention plan will go to waste if the authenticity of e-mails is challenged and your organization is forced to scramble for a solution.

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