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Is the paperless office an Urban Myth

April 1, 2008

Is the paperless office an Urban Myth?
Work Vitamins, March 28, 2008

In this entry, blogger Martin van der Linden highlights responses to a query he posted on LinkedIn, “Is the paperless office an Urban Myth?”:

One writer believes that although an office can go paperless, it requires significant effort from all parties in order to make the idea a success. The respondent cited an example of an office he is familiar with in which all paper-focused devices were removed. Copy machines, printers and staplers became a thing of the past, forcing employees to remain paperless.

Others agree, but believe it will take a long time before all of us will swear off paper forever. However, that’s not to say electronic documents are going to be ignored. Another contributor believes that electronic records of paper documents will eventually be mandatory (and preferred) from a legal standpoint.

“Therefore, over time, I expect that the long term retention of paper records as records of an organization will decline But people will continue to print documents for review and portability.”

We love how van der Linden posted this question as a conversation starter and would like to see a follow up that discusses the hurdles – including content security – that organizations must overcome before the paperless office becomes a reality.

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