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School district approves policies for technology

March 25, 2008

School district approves policies for technology

Newton Kansan, March 18, 2008

Although we’ve blogged about e-mail privacy situations before, it’s worth noting it again here. Staff and students at schools in Newton, KS are being warned that any activity done with district technologies can be subject to public review. For example, e-mails (both personal and professional) and text messages sent using district-owned devices can potentially be publicly viewable. This decision to revise the district’s technology policy was made after its administrators partook in an e-discovery seminar and discussed the rules with school attorneys.

“The policy, which each employee and student must sign, has 14 provisions — some obvious, others more obtuse.

The policy states no network or electronic device may be used to facilitate illegal activity. Also expressly prohibited are hate mail, harassment, profanity, spamming, obscene or pornographic materials and anti-social behavior.

The policy also encourages students and staff to ‘be careful when using full names,’ phone numbers, addresses or school names.”

Bottom line? As we’ve seen before, don’t send anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with the world reading because you never know where it’ll end up.

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