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Michigan ranks 5th in electronic prescriptions

March 11, 2008

Michigan ranks 5th in electronic prescriptions

Detroit Free Press, March 4, 2008

With paper on the way out and the trend of “going green” on the rise, it’s not surprising to know that e-prescriptions are gaining traction within medical corridors. According to the results of a nationwide audit of electronic prescriptions transmitted in 2007, Massachusetts ranks first in the nation, submitting more than four million prescriptions electronically.

In Michigan, which ranks fifth nationwide, three doctors, including Dr. Nilofar Khan, were recognized for their leadership roles within the e-prescription industry. As a Henry Ford Health System internist at Ford’s Livonia medical center, Khan says she always writes her prescriptions electronically because it saves time and eliminates common problems.

“’We were always chasing down prescriptions that we lost,’ she said. Before, her office always paged her to ask her to write prescriptions or check on ones she ordered. Electronic records avoid those problems, as the pharmacy has a record that documents which prescription she ordered and when she did it.”

Now that paper prescriptions are becoming a thing of the past, we here at Surety think it’s time for experts to consider something else – how are these electronic documents going to be kept safe from errors and malicious tampering? It’s important that we keep things in perspective and remember that patient safety and security should always be the first priority. Electronic or not.

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