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E-Discovery Best Practices: The IT Perspective

March 4, 2008

E-Discovery Best Practices: The IT Perspective

Ferris Research, February 28, 2008

We all know that e-discovery is becoming a common courtroom topic thanks to the increased occurrence of emails, instant messages and word processing documents. However, we doubt IT departments would have imagined the large role that they now have to play in the process. Because electronically stored information (ESI) is becoming so complicated, IT departments are now expected to actively participate in the litigation process.

With that said, a recent report by Ferris Research discusses the problems with-discovery laws and the best practices that are attached to them. Included in the report are actions that IT departments should take in response to this. These topics include:

  • The established discovery process in federal courts
  • Recent updates to American litigation procedures providing for e-discovery
  • The biggest problems of e-discovery
  • Best practices for e-discovery: recommendations on what organizations should do to address the challenges of e-discovery

For more information on the best practices included in the report, or to fully download the document yourself (for a hefty price of $1,495), check this article out.

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