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Sullivan & Cromwell, E-Discovery Vendor Settle Lawsuits

January 22, 2008

Sullivan & Cromwell, E-Discovery Vendor Settle Lawsuits

New York Law Journal, January 18, 2008

The lawsuits between Sullivan & Cromwell and Electronic Evidence Discovery, Inc. (EED), widely watched by many in the e-discovery field, were over almost as soon as they began. Sullivan & Cromwell, a large international firm based in New York, started the legal battle in December with a lawsuit seeking affirmation that the firm did not need to pay more than $700,000 in bills from EED because of missed deadlines and numerous errors. EED countersued the firm to compel payment. Last week, however, the parties announced that they came to a confidential settlement, meaning we’ll never know what might have been.

The suits were particularly interesting to many in the e-discovery world because they were believed to have been the first between a major law firm and a leading e-discovery vendor.
The ruling(s) could have had broad implications on the e-discovery space and what law firms and vendors should expect from one another during a partnership. As this is still a growing field, the ruling(s) might have given both e-discovery vendors and attorneys guidelines to govern future partnerships but it looks like vendors and lawyers will have to continue figuring out the e-discovery rules of engagement on their own.

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