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E-mail Fast Facts

December 20, 2007

While doing some market reading over the course of the last few days, we stumbled upon some statistics about corporate e-mail and thought you might find them interesting (at least we did…). It should be no surprise to read that e-mail is the dominant form of business communication, but these numbers are compelling nonetheless.

  • A Gartner study revealed that organizations conduct almost 97 percent of their communications via emails.
  • Osterman Research found that email is now accepted as written confirmation of approvals or orders in 79% of organizations.
  • Up to 83 percent of a business’ critical data can be found in its email.

Given the ease with which e-mails can be altered, and the fact that email is one of the most commonly relied upon forms of electronic evidence in motions and during trial, we’ve been hearing from a number of people who are interested in preserving the integrity of their organization’s e-mails.

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