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Surety Announces the Release of AbsoluteProof Desktop

July 24, 2007

Surety announced today the release of AbsoluteProofâ Desktop, a desktop version of AbsoluteProof that allows small departments within larger corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses and independent practitioners to easily and cost effectively protect the integrity associated with electronic records.

AbsoluteProof Desktop was developed to meet the ever-increasing data security and electronic records management needs of SMBs, workgroups and individual users such as auditors, architects, entrepreneurs, writers, scientists and inventors. It is a logical first step for workgroups and departments within large organizations who want to easily see the value of data authentication before they integrate the solution into their ECM workflows. Using the easily downloadable AbsoluteProof Desktop, individuals can verify the integrity of their digital records, regardless of the content’s format. The solution uses Surety’s innovative hash-chain-linking technology to provide long-lasting proof that a record has not been subject to forgery, alteration or other form of compromise.

AbsoluteProof Desktop brings the same level of security and litigation readiness to individuals and small and medium businesses that enterprises have come to rely on to meet their legal and regulatory needs. The solution allows for a user to Seal their data to prove the time of entry and the authenticity of a record’s content. AbsoluteProof Desktop is particularly valuable to independent writers and inventors seeking to prove they were the first to conceive an idea or design in disputes against large companies with seemingly unlimited resources, as well as CPAs, auditors, and brokers who are under increased regulatory scrutiny.

Read the press release here.


Bob Flinton
VP of Marketing and Product Management
Surety, LLC

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